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Fractional CTO & Consulting

Technology experts working for you

Microsoft 365

Implementation, maintenance, administration

Wordpress Websites

Design, maintenance, performance, technical and off-page SEO

Content Creation

Logos & Graphics, Presentations, Infographics, Blog Posting


Implementation, maintenance, administration – CRM, Contracts, Books, Expenses and more

General Technical Support

User assistance, technology selection, training, consulting


How can we help you?

Fractional CTO / Consulting

Technology selection, strategy, solution building, advanced problem solving. Brent can serve as a fractional CTO for your business. If it’s not in my wheelhouse, I’ll let you know!

Tech Support

Technical Support

It really helps to have a first stop on your support journey. For direct end-user support in English or Spanish and for second level support to augment your existing staff, we are here to help! 

Web Design


Stunning sites don’t have to cost a lot of money, and attention to detail will make them performant, supportable and secure. Our clients are thrilled with the websites we create!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Need a new or refreshed logo? Need to find a fresh color palette for your business? Just want an infographic or a snazzy PowerPoint deck for an important presentation? We can!

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Let the experts set up your Microsoft 365 tenant and implement your policies and protocols. We’ll set up  your users and wire up e-mail to your existing domain.


Zoho CRM / Zoho One

Get your sales, accounting, project and other processes integrated and working together. We’ll create your pipeline, and you’ll fill it up with leads.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Search performance really suffers for websites that are not kept up to date with fresh content regularly. Let’s get on a schedule and keep things up to date!

Leads and customers

Ads & Lead Generation

Google ads, Facebook ads, TikTok ads, Pinterest Ads and good old fashioned e-mail lists and campaigns are all great ways of attracting new customers. We’ll set it up!

creating her own adventure

Create your own adventure!

What kind of technical assistance do you require? I’m confident that we can help, and if not, we’ll at least point you in the right direction. Ask us anything.

Work with us
We are consultants & managers

At our core, we are all managers and professionals in our respective fields, wielding expertise and dedication to steer projects to success. Every team member, from fractional CTOs to technical support specialists, designers, and content creators, brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight tailored to enhance your business operations. Working with us means accessing a collective pool of top-tier talent dedicated to optimizing and innovating every aspect of your technology and creative content needs. We understand the intricacies of managing complex IT landscapes and crafting compelling digital experiences that resonate with your audience.

Partnering with our team is not just about filling a gap; it’s about elevating your entire business strategy to a new level of precision and efficiency. Our fractional CTOs lead with foresight, planning your technology roadmap that aligns seamlessly with your business goals, while our technical support ensures your operations run smoothly without interruption. Simultaneously, our designers and content creators work to visually and verbally articulate your brand’s vision, ensuring it stands out in a competitive marketplace. Together, we don’t just support your business; we aim to transform it, making every collaboration with us a step towards future-proofing your operations and achieving sustained growth.

The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.

Sydney J. Harris

Choose us
We are professionals


We’re a reliable auxiliary resource! We’re here when your people can’t be. We can plug in and be a productive member of your extended team.

Not just technology

Sometimes, heavy lifting is what you need. We’re here for your data entry or reporting or whatever’s weighing you down.


If we don’t know, we know who does and can engage them.


The right answers

Sometimes, you just don’t know how to best solve a problem. We can help!

Polished results

Whatever we do, we’ll deliver a professional outcome.


Let us participate in managing the service from your other vendors, so you get the best possible result.

What our customers say

Gracias a Brent Whistler, obtuve orientación experta en almacenamiento y hosting. Su conocimiento y atención personalizada son invaluables. ¡Altamente recomendado!

(Thanks to Brent, I received expert guidance about storage and hosting. His personalized service and knowledge are invaluable. Highly recommended)

– Jarim

Founder, Intracollege Academy

Brent’s been a great addition to our organization. He’s always able to find a way to solve problems, and he has taken our organization to the next level. Our systems are integrated, next-gen and organized. Thank you Brent!

– Dustin

Customer DustinDustin
Principal, Forte Commercial Real Estate