We get our education in the wild!

We have a culture of constant education and improvement. We invest in our ongoing education and certification, and we collaborate with Udemy, Coursera, Microsoft Learn and other platforms to keep our skills up to date.


I would never ask my folks to do what I’m unwilling to do. Here are some of my certs!


*I’m a serial learner, and most of my daily learning comes without certifications.

I know about a lot of things – I’m an expert at some including:

  • WordPress development and optimization
  • Office 365 administration
  • SQL language
  • Advanced Excel – complex lookups, pivots, Power BI etc..
  • Advanced PowerPoint (theming, animations etc..)
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Customer service management
  • IT service lifecycle management
  • Ebook creation

Here’s some of my relevant experience in the corporate world and elsewhere:

  • 15 years overall experience delivering customer service and IT support at American Express, Microsoft and others
  • 5 years as a programmer at Microsoft (c#, Visual Basic)
  • 4 years as a Customer Service Manager / Technical Account Manager) at Microsoft Premier (highest level of enterprise support)
  • More than a decade managing and operating every aspect of a small business (which makes me very empathetic to customer pain points)

We partner with a lot of people, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, including:

  • Divi – the main website builder we use to make our sites consistent and maintainable
  • Mark Hendriksen, Divi Designer Pack, Divi Professional for components and templates that accelerate our development of websites
  • Envato Elements – for our stock photos, design templates and other graphics resources
  • Slidequest to give us a jump start creating slide decks for our customers
  • Clickminded for their SOP’s — because they do a great job keeping it all up to date for us and help us build services that are repeatable and consistent.

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

-W. Edwards Deming